Why ralph lauren australia women love cheap ralph lauren womens shirts anthropologie “With the fading summer sun, i longed for a new place to steal away, where there’s always another chapter to be read, another story to be written, another scene to be played out. “Fall 2004 catalog’.In spring, a young man’s fancy turns to love.A woman’s turns to anthropologie, a store for all seasons that’s near and dear to many bay area shoppers’ hearts.Anthropologie’s aesthetic, like ‘s, embodies a lifestyle a very particular free spirited, Bohemian existence in which coffee served in vibrant latte bowls and sumptuously embroidered bed linens figure prominently.This is surely where the french film heroine amelie would have shopped and definitely the place to hear the soundtrack.There’s no lack of such stores in the bay area and san francisco, where”French flea market inspired”Is fast becoming a genre unto itself.Erica tanov, nest and tail of the yak, to mention just a few, inspire the same sensual pleasure the overwhelming desire to caress the bedding, fondle the accessories and smell each and every candle.But anthropologie with almost 60 stores nationwide, including in san francisco, berkeley, palo alto and san jose has managed to replicate the feeling on a much larger scale.In a downtown teeming with both high end and cheap chic outlets, anthropologie is a mecca.It evokes hole in the wall antique stores, parisian boutiques, flea markets and grandma’s kitchen in one fell swoop.It’s mens ralph lauren down australia a lifestyle emporium that you want to move into, or at least have a small piece of, even if it’s just a lacquered light switch cover or retro tea towel. “You walk in and you want to be a part of their world, and you can you just have to pay a lot of money and you can make it yours,”Comments a friend who used to live in san francisco.That’s by design, says general merchandise manager. “We try to make it a place where they would like to spend time.We think a lot about how they feel, the clothes, the music, the scent, the comfortable fitting room. “”We want the customer to come into the store and exhale, to come in and be comfortable in the space,”Adds creative director, who started working for the company in 1992, when the store debuted.When customers enter an anthropologie, they immediately leave behind the sterile mall or not so sterile street and are transported into another world.It even has its own language.The store features”Vignettes”That put the”Assortment”Of merchandise into homey context, connected by metal arcades.The front of each store typically shows a gardening or outdoor entertaining”Statement,”Norris says.Mimicking the movements in one’s own home, the customer will”Decompress, as you do in your own home,”Head to the dining and kitchen areas, then peruse”Bed, lounge and soaps, so by the time you get to the back of the store, you’re as relaxed as you would be by the time you get to bed. “This holistic approach is paying big dividends for parent company in may, the philadelphia company announced that first quarter total comparable store sales were up 32 percent a dramatic increase in a time when other retailers have been happy to achieve single digit gains.If fashion is an escape, then it seems that an awful lot of us like to escape to anthropologie. “Renewal.Winter’s thin sunlight gives way to warmth.Colors flow back into the water.Flowers command attention.Fresh beauty.Turn over a new leaf.Emulate spring. “Spring 2004 catalogbut anthropologie is more than just a retailer it’s a specialty retailer for which concepts and aesthetics, rather than units or volume, are key.Using narrative arcs, characters and plots, it expertly taps into our psyches and subconscious desires, our sense of wanderlust and nostalgia.Although these elements are interwoven throughout the store, they start with the customer.Anthropologie develops concepts based on variations of three themes its core customer responds to:Feminine, artistic(Bohemian)And linear(Preppy, classic silhouettes). “Each one is a different woman,”Wurtzburger says. “We talk about her very specifically, where she lives, and sketch her life. “For fall, that has translated to”Castle,”Based on a ’40s driven english girl who mixes the season’s earth toned tweeds and silks. “Alice,”Based on alice in wonderland, is crisp and feminine, and a bit whimsical. “Maiden of the north”Capitalizes on the bohemian trend, and features softer fabrics, neutral colors, browns and pale blues.Anthropologie’s merchants and design team conceptualize some key pieces based on ideas that are produced under the names elevenses, louie, odille and sleeping on snow, with signature details such as bows, ties, ribbon trims, unusual buttons or flower”Corsages. “”We build them up rather than strip them down to get into a price point,”Wurtzburger says.Then the buying team will shop the new york and los angeles markets to find accessories and other pieces that will”Round her out,”Wurtzburger says.That might include sexy, fitted t shirts by michael stars, san francisco’s or velvet;Exclusive items such as ‘ zoe line and rozae nichols’ aquarius;And intimate apparel from cosabella and only hearts.Designers such as(Plenty)And, who specialize in charming, feminine separates with retro touches, are also mainstays.So who is this core customer, and what makes her shop at anthropologie instead of other stores?The anthropologists say she’s 28 to 45, usually in a committed relationship and has children.She often works in an artistic field and”Wants to have a unique look,”Wurtzburger says.Anthropologie founder, in an extensive profile in fast company magazine in 2002, had even more to say: “She’s well read and well traveled.She is very aware;She gets our references, whether it’s to a town in europe or to a book or a movie.She’s urban minded.She’s into cooking, gardening and wine.She has a natural curiosity about the world.She’s relatively fit. “