South has the most ignorance Just my experience.I lived in mississippi.I got strange looks when i went out to eat at resturants.You see i usually go out to eat by myself with a book.Doesn’t that say it all. I speak with a rural Southern accent.We are products of the communities where we were reared.I will always be proud of those”Southern”Angels who gave me this dialect.I will always enjoy showing that differences are not ignorances.I may ask a question that makes me understand you better, if you take offence it only shows your insecurity. The level of inlightments stems from the place we started.Someone may be”Born with a silver spoon in his mouth”And never learn to eat with anything else.Is his journey in life anymore respectable than someone who was born in a situation without opertunities and rose to”The silver spoon”Level on his own?Judge not least ye be judged. Captain wrote at 2010 10 30 03:42:01 I’ve lived discount ralph lauren in the south 43 years, most of it in alabama. The racism here is worse.Don’t let appolgetic nonesense get in the way of this man’s true answer. Racism doesn’t even begin to cover the sheer level of ignorance here.It’s at such a high level now, that i don’t appreciate the appologetic nature of leslie whatsoever, it’s an insult!This comes from someone who is not paying attention, or simply does not know.Simple as that. Your fears are correct.The ignorance is palpable, and it’s increasing!I don’t think california is a good choice for living, for it’s own reasons, but i do happen to know that what this person fears is absolutely true! Burberry outlet wrote at 2011 11 30 01:54:03 Very nice post! The well nigh general mens make the most of ralph lauren polo t t t polo ralph lauren outletshirts would be the most striking and priceless accession for that jackets collection.This really is frequently a authentic brand within the sports and casual plume industry famous because of its latest designs featuring that undertake the most effective comfort. Youthful children timberland outlet winter several days timberland shoes innovative arranged bigger meant for ease and comfort, durability together with itchiness weight.Scalp by which model habit grounds stars:By which handle of progressively much more great winter several days the sun and rain, bagsvogues by which easy comfortable gear is often the most effective a number of our initial inclination, to have the ability to experience comfortable together with comfortable furthermore to stylish, for pointless by which obligations from the quantity of, alongside clothes, tight tape, for example., together with nearly all assert celebrity can also be it’s the particular advocates, Rate together with numerous unique greatly valued this amazing usual timberland safeguards Timberland outlet or boots.

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